• Upcoming District Events

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  • Announcing our March-May 2015 Super Student

    GTSD would like to congratulate Kyuss O'Donnell for being named our March-May 2015 Super Student at Broad Street School. This is what was said about Kyuss in his nomination letter: 

    Kyuss O' Donnell is canadian viagra india weekly a pleasure to have in class. He is the king of puns, and has a sense of humor that his teachers appreciate. Academically he has made exceptional progress during his year in first grade.  Kyuss has shown an encouraging desire to better himself in his reading skills. He consistently using his personal best effort on a daily basis.

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  • Celebrate NJ! Writing Contest Winners

    Congratulations to find cialis Abbygale Fisler and Gillian Willams for winning the Celebrate NJ! 4th Grade writing contest. Abbygale was selected in the sports category for her article titled "Summer Fishing on the Delaware" and Gillian won in the Science and Environment Category with her article titled "The New Jersey State Flower". For more information on Celebrate NJ! Please visit Celebrate NJ website and to view a list of all of alternative meds for viagra the winners please visit Celebrate NJ 2015 Contest Winners

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  • NJHS 2015 Induction Ceremony

    On May 6th the cialis no prescription needed Nehaunsey Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society Inducted their 2015 members. 

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  • Memorial Day 2015

    Mrs. Chiavoroli, 5th Grade students, Gibbstown VFW, Gibbstown Ladies Auxiliary and Sargent First Class Richard Maxie all got together and put on a spectacular Memorial Day Presentation. Below are some highlights of our assembly.


    Memorial Day Playlist

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Broad Street 4th Marking Period Honor Roll 2015

Principal's Honor Roll


3rd Grade

Mia Granroth, Kaitlyn Helbig, Alexis Morrison, Kailyn Myers, Anthony Saggese, Allaina Shute, Arabella Urban-McCaughan


4th Grade

Norah Brooks, Desiree Emerle, Olivia Kaufmann, Abbey Logue, Ava-Claire Vandergrift, Gillian Williams


NMS 4th Marking Period Honor Roll 2015

Principal's Honor Roll:


5th Grade

Micaiah Croce, Logan Hallam, Megan Hallam, Sara Ledyard, Alexa Logue, Alexa Lombardo, Madison Luedtke, Nicole Nastasi, Paige Rambo, Malayna Reistle, Valerie Zwaan


6th Grade
Jeana Alesiani,Rachel Alesiani, Paige Bradley, Hannah DiBella, Makayla Fisher-Woodard, Sierra Fisler, Luke Franklin, Samuel Futie, Natalie Harbeson,Bridget Maden-Smith,

Max Medica, Jenna Peel, Danielle Pettinichio, Mary Sullivan, Colin Widmer


7th Grade

Brandi Cella, Kieleigh Dunn, Anthony Giordano ,Kathryn Leash ,Paige Maden ,Kaleigh Mizner ,Sean Pandolfo ,Mackenzie Saggese


8th Grade

Hannah Bender,Christina DiNovi, Dennis Hallam, Ashley Howard ,Justin Michael ,Ezekiel Mizner ,Marco Nastasi ,Janyia Robinson ,Sarah Schoch ,James Sullivan ,Benjamin Wagner Jacob West ,Jared Widmer ,Michaela Worrell



Broad Street School Students of the Month for March, April and May 2015

Students of the Month March thru May 2015.



Mrs. Barker: Anastasia Ramierz, Ivan Jiang Luciana Morina
Mrs. Beckett: Nicholas Beckett, Branson Bennett, Cheyenne Fisler
Miss Sizemore: Colin Beckett, Gianni Miller, Brianna McLaughlin


1st Grade
Mrs. Exley: Hailey Bulger, Ellie Trainor, Kyuss O'Donnell
Mrs. Morris: Violet Paynter, Jason Yandach, Dorian Cuff
Mrs. Podolski: Matthew Hill, Michael Grelli, Bailey Arnolds-Peters

2nd Grade
Mrs. Nastase: Mia Reader, Lillyanna Muraca, Dante Spencer
Mrs. New: Nikell Brown, Angelina Somogy, Rose Constantino
Mrs. Sayers: Alaysia Neville, Dante Scott, Abigail Howard


3rd Grade
Mrs. Beerley: Thomas Sparks, Alexis Morrison, Alyssa Barber
Mrs. Pezzino: Kennedee Aiken, Adin Carchidi, Courtney Chew
Ms. Tortella: Julian Guinaugh, Madison Formica, Lilliana Beebe

4th Grade
Mrs. Chila: Charles Taylor, Abbygale Fisler, Douglas King
Ms. Hoyt: Kaleigh Russo, Colin Long, Noah Marks

NMS - 3rd Marking Period Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll

5th Grade: 

Micaiah Croce, Megan Hallam, Sara Ledyard, Alexa Logue, Alexa Lombardo, Paige Rambo, Malayna Reistle and Valerie Zwaan


6th Grade:

Rachel Alesiani,Paige Bradley, Hannah DiBella,Sierra Fisler, Samuel Futie, Natalie Harbeson, Bridget Maden-Smith, Max Medica, Danielle Pettinichio and find cialis cheap Mary Sullivan


7th Grade:

Brandi Cella, Anthony Giordano, Kathryn Leash, Paige Maden, Kaleigh Mizner, Sean Pandolfo and Mackenzie Saggese


8th Grade:

Christina DiNovi, Brett Funk, Ashley Howard, Ezekiel Mizner, Marco Nastasi,Sarah Schoch, James Sullivan, Benjamin Wagner, Jared Widmer and Michaela Worrell


Honor Roll

 5th Grade: 

Robert Bradley, Hailey Campbell, Devin Connor, Christopher Damm, Louis Damminger, Samuel Danner, Samantha Fennimore, Jeffrey Fisler, Celeste Givin, Grace Houser, Jacob Ireland, Sydney Kendra, Allen Kraemer, Madison Luedtke, Nicole Nastasi, Michael Piontkowski, Alaina Taormina, Gianna Velazquez, Jenna Weaver, Samuel Wilgus, 


6th Grade:

Jeana Alesiani, Agnes Buchenhorst, Joseph Cameli, Makayla Fisher-Woodard, Luke Franklin, Jessi Funk, Riley Hearon, Zoe Koutsoutis, Jenna Peel, Erinne Plasket, Jacob Somogy, David Sparks,Mikayla Taylor, Colin Widmer


7th Grade:

Saniya Brooks, Kieleigh Dunn, Andrew Garcia, Nathan Gilbert, Tara Givin, Mattson Gray, Julie Haruch-Johnson, Ciera Kriner, Rebecca Mattison, Kaitlyn Maurer, Brayden McCarthy, Erica Michael, Jacob Narvid, Anna Neff, Nicholas Pezzella, Victoria Pine, Victoria Rizzo, Anthony Rosano, Joseph Saldonis, Kade Stevens


8th Grade:

Jarrett Bing, Victoria Butler, Sophia DiBella, Geno Duca, Brooke Gentile, Dennis Hallam, Mary Hallion, David Hanly, Ava Hill, Colton Krupica, Granden Ledyard, Nicolette Murray, Janyia Robinson, Michael Sarmiento, Morgan Schiepan, Riley Schoch, Rebecca Sparks, Angelo Taormina, Cheyann Weiss, Jacob West, Richard Wolf, Tristen Worrell

Broad Street School 3rd Marking Period Honor Roll 2015



3rd Grade


Courtney Chew, Hannah Durr, Mia Granroth, Nicholas Haruch, Kaitlyn Helbig, Chase Helder, Haley Marks, Everett Miller, Alexis Morrison, Kailyn Myers Anthony Saggese, and Arabella Urban-McCaughan


4th Grade


Kierstin Hanly



2015-2016 District Calendar Board Approved

The Board of Education approved the 2015-2016 District Calendar. 


pdfView Calendar


Greenwich Township Board of Education

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Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Phone: (856) 224 - 4920 ext. 2120

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About GTSD

The Greenwich Township School District is a preK-8 school district located in beautiful Gibbstown, NJ. Students in grades prek-4th grade attend Greenwich Township Elementary School aka Broad Street School. Students in grades 5 - 8 attend Nehaunsey Middle School.