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School-based Therapy

School-based Therapy


Speech / Language Services                                           

Parents School Speech Therapy Guide

Students who experience a speech and/or language disorder, which meets the criteria of N.J.A.C. 6A:14-3.5(c)4, are eligible to receive speech/language services by the school's speech/language specialist.


What are Speech and Language Services?

The development of age-appropriate speech and language skills is essential to the learning process and to a student's social, emotional, and academic growth. Students must be able to comprehend language, express their thoughts and opinions, interact effectively and efficiently with peers and adults, and produce speech that others can easily understand.

Speech and language services are provided to students who demonstrate a need to improve their speech and language skills in articulation, language, fluency, or voice disorder in order to make educational benefit.


How are students referred for Speech and Language services?

Students can be referred for speech and language services by their parents or their classroom teachers if they are concerned about a student's speech and language proficiency as part of a Child Study Team Evaluation or in isolation. The goal of these services is to help students develop the speech and language skills necessary to make educational benefit in their classes.


What is occupational therapy?

Occupational Therapy in the School Setting

Occupational therapy is a related service designed to help students within a school setting who are showing an educational related disability that impairs his/her ability to function in the school environment. Occupational therapists use purposeful activity to facilitate a student’s active participation in the areas of self-care, academic and/or vocational pursuits, as well as play and leisure activities. Using direct and indirect services, as well as assistive technology and environmental modification, school occupational therapists collaborate with parents, teachers, and other educational staff to help implement a child’s program. The goal of services is to assist a student to function well within the school setting.


What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy in the School System

Physical Therapy is a related service designed to help students access their school environment and participate safely and to the best of their ability in their academic curriculum.  School physical therapists address functional limitations such as difficulties with mobility, transitions, or gross motor skills, as well as interventions that address impairments that contribute to those functional limitations such as posture, balance, strength, and coordination.  Difficulties in these areas must impact upon student participation in their educational program and environment.


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