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Table of Contents R5000

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Number     Title

R 5111       Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Pupils (M)

R 5116       Education of Homeless Children

R 5117       Interdistrict Public School Choice

R 5130       Withdrawal from School (M)

R 5200       Attendance (M)

R 5230       Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

R 5240       Tardiness

R 5300       Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) (M)

R 5306       Health Services to Nonpublic Schools (M)

R 5308       Pupil Health Records (M)

R 5310       Health Services (M)

R 5320       Immunization

R 5330       Administration of Medication (M)

R 5330.01  Administration of Medical Marijuana 

R 5331       Management of Life-Threatening Allergies in Schools (M)

R 5338       Diabetes Management

R 5350       Pupil Suicide

R 5410       Promotion and Retention (M)

R 5420       Reporting Pupil Progress (M)

R 5440       Honoring Pupil Achievement

R 5450       Athletic Awards

R 5500       Expectations for Pupil Conduct

R 5511       Dress Code

R 5513       Care of School Property (M)

R 5514       Pupil Use of Vehicles

R 5519       Dating Violence at School

R 5530       Substance Abuse (M)

R 5533       Pupil Smoking

R 5550       Disaffected Pupils (M)

R 5560       Disruptive Pupils (M)

R 5561       Use of Physical Restraint

R 5570       Sportsmanship

R 5600       Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct (M)

R 5610       Suspension

R 5611       Removal of Pupils For Firearms Offenses (M)

R 5612       Assaults on District Board of Education Members or Employees (M)

R 5613       Removal of Students for Assaults with Weapons Offenses

R 5620       Expulsion Procedures

R 5721       Distribution of Independent Publications

R 5750       Equal Educational Opportunity Complaint Procedure (M)

R 5751       Sexual Harassment of Pupils (M)

R 5830       Pupil Fund Raising

R 5850       Social Events and Class Trips

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Greenwich Township Board of Education

415 Swedesboro Road

Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Phone: (856) 224 - 4900 ext. 2120

Broad Street

Greenwich Township Broad Street Elementary School

255 West Broad Street

Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Phone: (856) 224-4900


Nehaunsey Middle School

415 Swedesboro Road

Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Phone: (856) 224-4900

About GTSD

The Greenwich Township School District is a preK-8 school district located in beautiful Gibbstown, NJ. Students in grades prek-5th grade attend Greenwich Township Elementary School aka Broad Street School. Students in grades 6th - 8th attend Nehaunsey Middle School.