• Super Student for December 2014 - February 2015

    Extra Special Congratulations to Ava Vandrgrift for receiving our Super Student for the months of December - February. Read More
  • GTV Interviews Mrs. Chila - Teacher of the Year

    Antonio from GTV News sits down with Mrs. Chila, Broad Street School's 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year Recipient for an exclusive interview.   Read More
  • Winter Concert 2014 Online

    Our 2014 Winter Concert, The Jingle-Bell Jukebox... The Flip Side! Is now available online. Watch the Concert Read More
  • Earth Day Trailer

    On April 21st, Mrs. Seacrist and students are presenting from Mars to Madagascar an original Earth Day Celebration.  Watch the Trailer Here Read More
  • 2014-2015 School Calendar Revision 3.18.15

    As a result of schools being closed for inclement weather on Thursday, 3/5/15 and Friday, 3/6/15, please be advised that schools will be open on Thursday, 4/2/15 and Thursday, 6/18/15. June 10th is now a full day session. June 11,12,15,16,17 and 18 will be halfday sessions 2014-2015 Revised School Calendar Board Approved 3.18.15 Read More
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