Nutri-Serv Prepayment Lunch Form

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Nutri-Serve would like to inform you of our prepayment program. This program is to allow you to put money into your child's lunch account. This payment option will speed up your child's service and enable you to monitor his or her purchases. Prepayments are available in the following increments:


5 days for $15.00 10 days for $30.00 20 days for $60.00


Please note the price of lunch is $3.00


Prepayments are put into your child's account. It is one account for both lunch and snack. If you prefer your child to NOT purchase snack, please note this on the form below. Also, you can request to limit your child's snack, by stressing how much your child can spend per day. This limit can be put directly on the account.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. If you have any concerns, please contact the kitchen at 224-4920 ext. 2128.


Nutri-Serve Prepayment Form

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