Students of the Month for September - BSS

Mrs. Traini announced the Students of the Month for Broad Street School and also announced that this year at Broad Street they will also pick one Super Student! from the Students of the Month. 


Hailey Campbell - Mrs. Sayers' 4th Grade Class


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  Ms. Barker Kindergarten - Kristine GonzalesKindergarten1
  Mrs. Beckett Kindergarten- Esmeralda Florencio kind2
  Ms. Sizemore Kindergarten - Kode Mooney kind3
  Ms. McCabe - 1st Grade - Jenna Fornito 1st-1
  Mrs. Morris 1st Grade - Abigail Howard 1st-2
  Mrs. Podolski 1st Grade - Blake Krupica1st-3
  Mrs. Chila 2nd Grade - Carly Grey 2ndgrd-1
  Ms. Hoyt 2nd Grade - Kaitlyn Helbig 2ndgrd-2
  Ms. Beerley 2nd Grade - Jocelyn Cruz 2ndgrd-3
  Mrs. New 3rd Grade - Nora Brooks 3rdgrd-1
  Ms. Tortella 3rd Grade - Abbygale Fisler 3rdgrd-2
  Mrs. Pezzino 4th Grade - Alexa Lombardo 4thgrd1
  Mrs. Sayers 4th Grade - Hailey Campbell4thgrd2