3rd Marking Period Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll:
3rd Grade - Abbygale Fisler, Gillian Williams
4th Grade - Alexa Lombardo, Sara Pagano, Malayna Reistle, and Jeffrey Fisler.
Honor Roll:
3rd Grade - Carlo Alessi, Norah Brooks, Christopher Cruz, Alyssa Damminger, Noah Gentile, Kierstin Hanly, Abbey Logue, Nicholas Tranquillo, Ava Vandergrift, Alexander Wolf, Luke Hinkle, Colin Long, Noah Marks, Tamia Scott, Jesse Stevens, Ethan Vail, Carson Widmer, Nicholas DiSilvio, Olivia Kaufmann, and Jocelynn Sims. 
4th Grade - Micaiah Croce, Celeste Givin, Megan Hallam, Sydney Kendra, Michael Piontkowski, Paige Rambo, Sam Wilgus, Robert Bradley, Hailey Campbell, Samuel Danner, Gianni DelBuono, Logan Hallam, Grace Houser, Dylan Kendra, Allen Kraemer, Alexa Logue, Nicole Nastasi, and Alaina Taormina.

Mrs. Seacrist Honored by Local Firefighters

Fire-Safety-PicMrs. Kathy Seacrist Recently received the prestigious Citizen Patron Award for Fire Safety from our local firefighters for creating a music video for her original song "Stop, Drop and Roll."

Music Video

February 2014 Students of the Month - Broad Street School

studofthemonth-feb-bses38Mrs. Traini and the PTA recently honored our February 2014 Students of the Month and Super Student for Broad Street School!

Students of the Month by Homeroom


2nd Marking Period Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll:
Grade 3:
Noah Gentile, Kierstin Hanly, Nicholas Tranquillo, Ava Vandergrift, Tamia Scott
Grade 4:
Megan Hallam, Alexa Lombardo, Paige Rambo, Sara Pagano, Malayna Reistle
Honor Roll:
Grade 3:
Norah Brooks, Chritstopher Cruz, Alyssa Damminger, , Nicholas DiSilvio, Abbygale Fisler, Gianna Galati, Luke Hinkle,  Abby Logue,  Colin Long, Noah Marks, Layla McCallion, Matthew Pellegrini, Adrianna Schramm, Jesse Stevens, Carson Widmer, Gillian Williams, Alexander Wolf
Grade 4:
Robert Bradley, Hailey Campbell, Micaiach Croce, Samuel Danner, Gianni DelBuono, Jaden Griffin, Logan Hallam, Grace Houser, Jacob Ireland, Dylan Kendra, Allen Kraemer, Madison Luedtke, Nicole Nastasi, Ryan Parker, Michael Piontkowski, Alaina Taormina, Sam Wilgus

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