2015-2016 Approved School Calendar

When is the 1st day of school next year? When is our first day off? How many days until Winter Break 2015? All of those questions are answered below.

2015-2016 School Calendar

Students of the Month December 2014 - February 2015

Broad Street School honored their Students of the Month for December 2014 - February 2015

Mrs. Barker: Dallas Damask, Mia Rosano, and Scott Howard
Mrs. Beckett: Cal Barber, Yasmin Ramirez, Sophia Luedtke
Miss Sizemore: Brielle Damminger, Mia Constantino, Cali Helder

1st Grade
Mrs. Exley: Mason Myers, Brinley Campbell, Ethan Guinaugh
Mrs. Morris: Cameron Tatam, Gracie Gentile-Ruggieri, Matthew Mulholland
Mrs. Podolski: Samantha Mattia, Ava Luedtke, Emily Trzcinski

2nd Grade
Mrs. Nastase: Mackenzie Sandy, Ariana Hackley, Matthew Piontowski
Mrs. New: Riley Dowdy, Lillian Noble, Connor Haynes
Mrs. Sayers: Claire Williams, Jack Webber, Annika Lippencott

3rd Grade
Mrs. Beerley: Everett Miller, Haley Marks, Mia Granroth
Mrs. Pezzino: Nicholas Bradley, Ryan Barber, Mya Fisher-Woodard
Ms. Tortella: Darby Wilgus, Landon Warlow, Gabriella Franco

4th Grade
Mrs. Chila: Kiersten Hanly, Carlo Alessi, Adrianna Schramm
Ms. Hoyt: Luke Hinkle, Ava Vandergrift, Rocco Pellegrini

School Calendar Revision March 2015

As a result of schools being closed for inclement weather on Thursday, 3/5/15 and Friday, 3/6/15, please be advised that schools will be open on Thursday, 4/2/15 and Thursday, 6/18/15. June 10th is now a full day session. June 11,12,15,16,17 and 18 will be halfday sessions

2014-2015 Revised School Calendar Board Approved 3.18.15

2nd Marking Period Broad Street School Honor Roll Recipients

Principal's Honor Roll

3rd Grade: Jason Barber, Kyle Connor, Hannah Durr, Mia Granroth, Nicholas Haruch, Kaitlyn Helbig, Chase Helder, Kailyn Myers, Anthony Saggese, Arabella Urban-McCaughan


4th Grade: Desiree Emerle, Ava Vandergrift, Gillian Williams


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