1st Marking Period Honor Roll Recipients - Broad Street School

Principal's Honor Roll:

3rd Grade: Chloe Beckett, Nikell Brown, Lucas Kriner, Jack Weber, Dante Spencer, Kamilyah DeShazo, Maria Riccardi, Dante Scott, Philip Murphy

4th Grade: Gabriella Franco, Mia Granroth, Chase Helder, Anthony Sagese, Allaina Shute, Arabella Urban-McCaughan, Stephanie Lombardo, Alexis Morrison, Kailyn Myers, Courtney Chew

Honor Roll:

3rd Grade: Rose Costantino, Nicolette Cotelesa, Alyssa Sharp, Jadyn Bennett, Merle Craig, Natalia Croce, Jenna Fornito,Jared Hazel, Annika Lippincott, Lillyanna Muraca,Matthew Piontkowski, Layla Connor, Riely Dowdy,Gabriella Gonzales, Renee Ledyard, Savanna Shute,Claire Williams, Kaylin Zwaan

4th Grade: Hannah Durr, Nicholas Haruch, Mark Maden,Oscar Mendez, Everett Miller, Natalie Bishop, Kyle Connor,Julien Egan, Kaitlyn Helbig, Kayla Marich, Darby Wilgus,Gabriel Garcia, Karli Anttell, Jason Barber, Carly Grey,Haley Marks, Jacob Shirley

Broad Street School New Dismissal Procedures for 2015-2016

New Afternoon Student Dismissal Procedures at Broad Street Elementary School

Safety of students is a priority at Broad Street. With that in mind, we have revised how and where students will be dismissed at the end of the day.

             1.     Walkers- Students who WALK home

Walkers will be dismissed from the auditorium doors in the center of the school on the Broad Street side of the building. Once outside, the students will go either left toward Hudson Street or right toward School Street to continue their walk home. If parent(s) walk to get their child, they can meet them at this entrance to walk home together

2.     Car Riders- Students who are picked up by an adult in a CAR.

Car Riders will be dismissed from the Hudson Street side of the main entrance to Broad Street. Teachers will escort the students outside for car rider pick-up.

3.     SACC Students- Students attending SACC after school

SACC students will be picked up by SACC staff in the gym.

4.     Bus Riders- Students who ride the bus home

Students will report to the gym for dismissal to their busses. They will be lined up according to their bus number.

Parents, it is essential that you communicate these terms to your child and please communicate with the office or their teacher if there is a change in your child’s regular dismissal. Good communication is the key.

All building exits will be monitored by school personnel.  



If you have any questions, please contact the office.








Alisa Whitcraft


Cafeteria Prepayment Information

Nutri-Serve would like to inform you of our prepayment program. This program is to allow you to put money into your child’s lunch account. This payment option will speed up your child’s service and enable you to monitor his or her purchases. You may download our prepayment form here. Additional information pertaining to lunch prices is also included in the downloadable document.

3rd Marking Period Honor Roll Recipients


3rd Grade


Courtney Chew, Hannah Durr, Mia Granroth, Nicholas Haruch, Kaitlyn Helbig, Chase Helder, Haley Marks, Everett Miller, Alexis Morrison, Kailyn Myers Anthony Saggese, and Arabella Urban-McCaughan

4th Grade

Kierstin Hanly


3rd Grade 


Kennedee Aiken, Jason Barber, Ayden Biernacki, Natalie Bishop, Alexis Bruner, Aidin Carchidi, Kyle Connor, Gabriella Franco, Kathryn Fisler, Gebriel Garcia, Stephanie Lombardo,  John Marcucci, Kayla Marich,  Aiden Milligan,  Jacob Shirley,  Allaina Shute, Thomas Sparks, Daniel Washlick and Darby Wilgus

4th Grade

Norah Brooks, Desiree Emerle, Olivia Kaufmann, Abbygale Fisler, Abbey Logue, Colin Long, Rocco Pellegrini, Kaleigh Russo, Tamia Scott, Jesse Stevens, Charles Taylor,  

Ava Vandergrift, Carson Widmer, and Gillian Williams

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