NJDOE Performance Report

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) presents the 2015-16 School Performance Reports. These reports are designed to inform parents, educators and communities about how well a school is performing and preparing its students for college and careers. For more information visit the NJDOE'S website 

BSS 15-16 Performance Report

Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients final update. It is with great HONOR to inform you that the children of Broad Street School have did an astounding job!!! They have donated $1124.57 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!! There will be one more donation coming in which will round it up to $1150.



Dr. Wehrle Receiving NJAHPERD's Outstanding Teacher Award.

Dr. Wehrle, Physical Education teacher at Broad Street School has recently been a busy man lately. Not only is he a new father, he has also been award the 2017 SHAPE America Mabel Lee Award Recipient

He also recently found out he was awarded the NJAHPERD Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award! Dr. Wehrle was presented with the NJAHPERD Outstanding Teachher Award Sunday, February 26th at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, NJ.  He is a very busy man, However NOT too busy for GTV! We forced him to sit down and speak to us about these accomplishments. 

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2nd Marking Period Honor Roll Recipients February 2017

Congratulations to our 2nd Marking Periond Principal and Honor Roll Recipients!

Principal's Honor Roll:

3rd Grade: Hailey Bulger, Michael Grelli, Mason Myers, Deiona Raugh-Anderson, Cara Smith, Emily Trzcinski

4th Grade: Chloe Beckett, Lucas Kriner, Renee Ledyard, Annika Lippincott, Philip Murphy, Maria Riccardi, Dante Scott, Savanna Shute, Jack Weber, Claire Williams, 

5th Grade: Natalie Bishop, Gabriella Franco, Mia Granroth, Kailyn Myers, Anthony Saggese, Arabella Urban-McCaughan


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