Fly Eagles Fly

Mr. Haney and our very own Broad Street Band have prepared a very special "Super Bowl" version of Fly Eagles Fly for our hometown Eagles! Check it out here. 

April 2018 Students of the Month

Announcing our April 2018 Students of the Month for Broad Street School

Kindergarten: Abby Craig, Zachary DiSilvio and Tyler Gladney

1st Grade: Grady Sparks and Abigail Roscetti

2nd Grade:Autumn Bradley

3rd Grade: Daniel Romero, Colin Beckett and Nick Beckett

4th Grade: Kayla O’Brien, Gracie Gentile-Ruggieri and Ethan Guinaugh

5th Grade: Chance Olestra and Abigail Howard

Thirty Third Graders

Thirsty Third Graders!

Our third graders under the supervision of Ms. Ridinger made a collaborative sports-themed art project out of school milk cartons. 230 to be exact!!!! We have now entered our project into the Made by Milk contest. The projects will be officially judged but, in the meantime, we can VOTE for our school in an effort to win the "People's Choice" award.
So, please go on the website and see the awesome job that our third graders did! And, while you are there, VOTE! Feel free to share with friends and family.

ENTRY INFO: Broad Street Elementary
CREATION NAME:Warriors Welcome
TEAM NAME: Thirsty Third Graders

Fall 2017 1st Marking Period Honor Roll

3rd Grade Principal’s Honor Roll:
Averie Clement, Jonna Dowdy, Jeremy Kazmierski and Madison Spencer

3rd Grade Honor Roll:
Natalie Barr, Colin Beckett, Branson Bennett, Hayley Brandley, Torunn Cooper-Croce, Zoe Craig, Dallas Damask, Brielle Damminger, Peyton Dickson, Donovan Doyle, Thomas Lawrence, Olivia Melnychuck, Giana Miller, Juliana Morris, Yasmin Ramirez, Deron Raugh-Anderson, Liam Robles, and Nathan Trainor

4th Grade Principal's Honor Roll:
Mason Myers and Deiona Raugh-Anderson

4th Grade Honor Roll:
Hailey Bulger,Jaylynn Dorman, Ella Gattuso-Jones, Michael Grelli, Matthew Hill, Domenic Kearney, Kayla Kent, Samantha Mattia, Victor Mattia, Raymond McGill, Kode Mooney, Kayla O'Brien, Emily Ross, Dawson Saldonis, Christopher Sharp, Cara Smith
Kaylee Smith, Brandon Szymborski, Emily Trzcinski and Layla Wahiba

5th Grade Principal’s Honor Roll:
Chloe Beckett, Merle Craig, Natalia Croce, Emily DeFrancesco, Riely Dowdy, Lucas Kriner, Annika Lippincott,Philip Murphy,Maria Riccardi, Dante Scott, Savanna Shute, Jack Weber and Claire Williams

5th Grade Honor Roll:
Brandon Beebe,Jadyn Bennett,Nikell Brown, Violett Cooper-Croce, Nicolette Cotelesa, Kamilyah Deshazo, Jenna Fornito, Carlie Gilbert, Pyperlin Gittinger, Jared Hazel, Renee Ledyard, Lillyanna Muraca, Matthew Piontkowski, McKenzie Sandy,Alyssa Sharp, Angelina Somogy, Dante Spencer and Aubrey Warlow

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