Technology Department

keyThe Greenwich Township School District prides itself as being on the cutting edge of technology, the district has shown leadership in our area with using many new and exciting ways to bring technology to our students. We feel it is our responsibility to introduce our students to all of the technology that will impact their lives in the future, and with how technology changes by the minute that is no easy task. The students are committed, the staff is committed, the Adminstration and the Board of Education are committed so the IT department finds it very easy to be committed and driven to accomplish this task.

Education Technology Goals

Current federal priorities include new Educational Technology Initiatives, which call for a technology plan for the nation's schools to achieve five key goals for integrating technology into American Classrooms.

Goal 1:
All students and teachers will have access to information technology in their classrooms, schools, communities and homes.

Goal 2:
All teachers will use technology effectively to help students achieve high academic standards.

Goal 3:
All students will have technology and information literacy skills.

Goal 4:
Research and evaluation will improve the next generation of technology applications for teaching and learning.

Goal 5:
Digital content and networked applications will transform teaching and learning.

Technology Standards

National Education Technology Standards have been prepared for students, teachers and administrators

Technology Plan APPROVED

2013 - 2016 Technology Plan